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Scene From An Evening At Home

SOMEONE complained that I haven’t blogged recently. So sorry, I was off in another city contributing to the democratic process. Also, I had very little to say because I was tired. But to prevent lawsuits stemming from withdrawal, I present this scene from our evening. C-Man, to The Dog: (singing) You’re a dog, you’re a dog. Me: That’s good, because… Read more »

Difficult Decisions

C-Man: Do you have a preference for where I should solder? Me: I don’t know what soldering is. C-Man: (something something something about lead and a source of heat) Me: Then my preference would be for outside- C-Man: I can’t do that, because I need to be able to see it well and my fingers are going to be up… Read more »

What are you trying to say?

I am reading through blogs while waiting for C. to pick me up for more wedding dress shopping. C-Man enters the room, followed by The Dog. C-Man: The Dog says she’ll help! Me: With what? C-Man: Connecting your brain to the keyboard.

Possibly hyperbolic

C-Man: You hate Fantasia? Me: I hate it. I especially hate that part with Mickey Mouse, because I hate him more than anything else in the world. C-Man: Really? Me: Really. C-Man: How about Eminem? Me: OK, I hate Eminem more.

Why Bother?

C-Man, reading website: What?! I think I need to go to this guy’s blog and tell him some shit. Me: Please don’t tell people things on the internet. It never goes well.

Thanks for the warning

From a conversation my sister and I had long ago when I was contemplating flying to Chicago to see a fantastically cute boy I met in a bar: Sister: So how’s… Pete Smith? Joe Black? Tom Ford? Me: Umm, Tom P—–? Sister: Ha, I got his first name right. I knew it was something generic. Me: He’s fine. I really… Read more »


Me: I never wore lip gloss in high school, I don’t think. C-Man: Why not? Me: Because I was a hippie girl or a metal chick, and it didn’t go with either. C-Man: I think hippie girls are allowed to wear lip gloss. If it’s made of quinoa.

Scenes From A Courtship

SCENE 1 Setting: C-Man and I are lounging (which we apparently do a lot judging from this writeup). C-Man, with a serious look: I need to tell you something important. Me: What? C-Man: I love you. Me: Oh. Good. C-Man: What? Me: You looked so serious. I thought you were going to say something scary. C-Man: Like I’ve been lying… Read more »