Scenes From A Courtship


Setting: C-Man and I are lounging (which we apparently do a lot judging from this writeup).

C-Man, with a serious look: I need to tell you something important.

Me: What?

C-Man: I love you.

Me: Oh. Good.

C-Man: What?

Me: You looked so serious. I thought you were going to say something scary.

C-Man: Like I’ve been lying to you all this time and I’m actually a high seas pirate?


Setting: C-Man and I are lounging on the couch watching Farscape. One disc ends, and he turns to The Dog – who is skulking about, lamenting the bad luck that brought her, 8 years ago, to a home with free food, clean water, medical care, toys, and treats.

C-Man: Dog, change the DVD!

Me: If you can teach her to do that, I’ll make my parents give you a dowry.

C-Man: Cool. (pause) But hey, is the dowry going to be a cow?