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A Laptop of Her Own

Me: I would like you to get that bitty laptop up and running for me. C-Man: To take to BlogHer? Me: Yes. And to put stickers all over it. C-Man: What kind of stickers? Me: I don’t know. All I know is that at BlogHer, everyone had laptops with cool stickers on tham and I was SO JEALOUS. C-Man: I’ll… Read more »

The Perils of Hand Me Downs

Sister: Mom has some maternity clothes for you from me. Don’t get too excited. Me: She warned me. I told her that I was glad it was going to be summer, since your pants would be capris on me. Sister: I actually think I only sent capris because I knew my jeans would be too short. So, I guess they’ll… Read more »


Me: This is where I keep the key to the safe deposit box, in case I croak and you need to clean it out. C-Man: I’d rather you didn’t. Me: I’m not planning on it, I have too many hobbies.

Not That I’m Self-Centered

C-Man: If I won a million dollars, would you let me buy a Jag? Me: No. C-Man: Why not? Me: A million dollars is a lot of money, and we would need to make some good decisions about how to manage it for financial security so that I wouldn’t ever have to work again.