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Authors of Queer Adult Romance Who Are Men and/or Transmasc

For various reasons, I’ve been trying to read more dudes (umbrella term) writing queer romance. As a Virgo, this necessitated I make a list. Anytime I make a list of books, I start wondering if it might be helpful to anyone else. So here ’tis. MOST IMPORTANT CAVEAT: Massive apologies if I fucked up anyone’s identity. Let me know via… Read more »

20+ Geeky & Nerdy Romance Novels, Novellas, and Short Stories

Yep, it’s a post full of romance novels about the geeky and nerdy among us. Video games, programming, hacking, collectible card games, epidemiology, climate change science, neurosurgery, archaeology, the college newspaper, comics, fandom, Victorian fashion, theater… it’s all here. “Geek” pretty much describes everyone who lives in my house, so this roundup is close to my heart. The way my… Read more »

15 Suspenseful Romance Novels That Really Hooked Me

I love a good thriller, action movie, (fictional) police procedural, or martial arts flick. Cross one of those genres with a romance novel? I’m in. Here are my fave romances so far that have a strong suspense sub-plot. Hope you find something here to enjoy! Before we jump in: Amazon links are affiliate links. Any questions, corrections, recommendations? Let me… Read more »

16 of My Favorite Funny Romance Novels

I’m a sucker for a romance novel with wry humor, snark, high-quality banter, or the fun kind of bickering. Every single book on this list made me laugh out loud at least five times. So take a look, and hopefully you’ll find something new and fun to read! Before we jump in: Amazon links are affiliate links. Any questions, corrections,… Read more »

12+ Paranormal Historical Romance Novels I Adore

I had no idea how much I’d love the paranormal historical genre in romance! Here’s a roundup of my favorite (so far) paranormal historical romance novels (and short stories), in case you also appreciate some ghosts and whatnot with your smooching stories. The way my life is organized these days, it’s tough for me to write reviews. Some of the… Read more »

19+ Fantasy Romance Novels To Sweep You Away

Demons, dragons, talking animals, curses… yep, we’re definitely dealing with magic here. Welcome to my list of favorite fantasy romances – some novels, some novellas, some short stories! I hope you find something great to read and enjoy in the list below. (Update: Republishing this post because I’ve added more books!) Before we jump in: Amazon links are affiliate links…. Read more »

16+ Lovely Historical Romance Novels

When I started reading romance, I had no clue I’d find so many historical romances to love. Turns out I like escaping to another time just fine, especially if fancy clothes are involved. So here’s a roundup of my so-far favorite historical romance novels, novellas, and short stories. It’s probably a little more queer and diverse than if you grabbed… Read more »