Scene From An Evening At Home

SOMEONE complained that I haven’t blogged recently. So sorry, I was off in another city contributing to the democratic process. Also, I had very little to say because I was tired. But to prevent lawsuits stemming from withdrawal, I present this scene from our evening.

C-Man, to The Dog: (singing) You’re a dog, you’re a dog.

Me: That’s good, because when I left this morning she was a dog, and if I arrived home to find she was an alligator I’d be a little concerned.

C-Man: I’m voting for manticore, personally.

(Although I have to admit he did not say it with the Wikipedia link included.)

One thought on “Scene From An Evening At Home

  1. Suebob

    I only gave you a hard time about not blogging because I truly enjoy your posts. I guess I can’t blame you for having a life LOL

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