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8 Spooky Children’s Picture Books for Halloween (Or Anytime)

We’ve read a ton of spooky books because everyone in our family loves them. For this post I’ve narrowed it down to the best: those I’d recommend that even adults read for entertainment, and that Boy Detective came back to again and again. (Disclosure: Amazon links are affiliate links.) Ghosts for Breakfast (2002) by Stanley Todd Terasaki and illustraded by… Read more »

13 Amazing Children’s Picture Books About Magic

There are a ton of children’s picture books about magic, but these are our family’s absolute favorites. These books are really well written, and the art is beautiful and interesting. What’s not to love? I’d even hand them to an adult looking for a light read. (Disclosure: Amazon links are affiliate links.) My picture book posts were originally published and… Read more »

18 Children’s Picture Books About Girls Being Awesome

Some people believe that boys prefer stories with male lead characters. I’m not sure when that was supposed to kick in, but it never happened at our house. So here’s a selection of our favorite fantastic children’s books about girls being amazing that I enjoyed reading just as much as Boy Detective did. (Disclosure: Amazon links are affiliate links.) My… Read more »

Our 17 Favorite Children’s Picture Books About Bedtime

When you’ve had one of those very long days, sometimes you need a whole book that says “Hey kid? LIGHTS OUT!” So here’s a list of awesome books about bedtime, enjoyable by adult and child alike. It’s almost like children’s book authors know how much the parents of young children crave sleep and welcome assistance in achieving their sleep-related goals… Read more »

13 Fantastic Children’s Picture Books about Pirates

Pirate fever hit our house hard in late 2012. Seemingly overnight, my five year old became obsessed with Jolly Roger coloring pages and drew new “treasure maps” daily. C-Man and I always thought of us as a ninja family in the ninjas v. pirates smackdown, so this was somewhat awkward. However, we dutifully went to the library for books about… Read more »

24 Lovely Children’s Picture Books About Friendship

We’ve read some amazing children’s books since Boy Detective joined us, so I thought I’d do a series with our book recommendations. When I say “recommendations,” I mean serious, heartfelt recommendations for children’s picture books that are totally awesome, by our grownup standards. If you’re parenting young children, you might find some new reads. If you buy gifts for young… Read more »

9 Lovely Children’s Picture Books About Gardens

Here are our favorite children’s books about gardens, which all go well beyond simple instructions on how to make green things grow. Even if you don’t have a young reader in your life, but you’re interested in plants and gardening yourself, check your local library and see if they have these! I enjoyed them as much as my child did…. Read more »

15 Children’s Picture Books for Cat Lovers of All Ages

My child LOVED cats when he was little. Unfortunately for him, his father and I would never, ever get a cat. Luckily, his grandma has usually had cats, and his parents never minded reading books about cats. So here’s a list of the children’s books about cats that we liked the most. Enjoy! (Disclosure: Amazon links are affiliate links.) My… Read more »