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Well Hello There! + A Reader Survey

I hope everyone had some good holiday time off, and safe travels if you were traveling. I had a great month planned for posting until we had to move out of our house for two weeks due to plumbing problems, and then I jacked up my back – which required a trip to Urgent Care and multiple prescriptions to get… Read more »

My 10 Years of BlogHer Conferences

10 years ago this summer, I attended a first-time conference called BlogHer. I don’t remember exactly how I heard about it, or how I decided to fly to a city I’d never been to before, for a conference full of people I didn’t know. I had no idea what to expect. I left reading a handful of new blogs, and… Read more »

Does Bloglovin’ show your readers your new posts? Time to check!

When Google Reader was shut down, a lot of people flailed around for a replacement. Personally, I tried out four replacements: Digg Reader, Feedly, Bloganizer, and finally the one I went with: Bloglovin’. Before the death of Google Reader, Bloglovin’ seems to have been mostly used by people who like to look at pretty things – fashion and some crafts,… Read more »

Why Planet Jinxatron?

Chris Giarrusso is a very talented comic artist and writer. He’s the genuis behind Mini Marvels, a hilarious spoof of characters from the Marvel comics universe, and he has his own creator-owned kid superhero book G-Man. All three of his books have been huge hits in our family starting when Boy Detective was about three years old. Someone was reading… Read more »

So, Here’s How It Is

My life? Not working. 2012 has been this: preschool drama, repeated illness of all family members, dog dying, attempted break-in with brick through door, ambulance to ER during business trip, summer busy season at work, loss of almost all social contact with non-work friends, massive sleep disruptions, complete inability to keep wheels on any part of household maintenance, financial management,… Read more »

How to win at making your blog work for people with disabilities

Stick with me on this one, folks. This post starts off sounding technical, but it’s really not. A few years ago, I did a fair bit of blogging and a little bit of speaking about how to make your blog more accessible to people with disabilities. One of the biggest issues in accessibility is how to create an equivalent experience… Read more »

Happy Something Or Other To My Blog?

Today is the eighth anniversary of the oldest post that currently exists on this blog. I have no idea what my real first blog post was about, since I deleted it and many others in the migration from Blogger to Movable Type. I also have no clear memory of what blogs I read first, why I started blogging myself, how… Read more »

Finding Ways To Save Time

Upon reflection, I’ve realized that I would have more time to do exciting things like laundry if I would tighten up my blog posts. For example, here are alternate versions of my last two posts that would have freed up precious minutes – nay, hours – for me to pursue domestic chores. “I have enough time on my hands that… Read more »

Pseudonymous Bloggers: What’s Up With That?

Obviously this is a strange question coming from someone who signs her posts “The Princess.” I actually should be better about remembering to tell people that they CAN use my name in association with this blog, though I appreciate it when people are cautious. What I mean by pseudonymous is a hypothetical blogger who calls herself a perfectly normal name… Read more »

My Top 8 Reasons Why I Am Not Commenting On Your Blog

When bloggers don’t get comments or don’t get as many comments as they would enjoy having, they often think they’re doing something wrong. I’ve been wondering lately, for blogs I enjoy but don’t comment on, what my reasons are for that behavior. This is what I came up with. If you have found yourself in the situation of wanting more… Read more »