Saturday Good Writing #10

If you’re missing your Olympics docudrama adrenaline rush, check out the first installment of the documentary series Amazing Lace: Meet Team Rete:

Although the teammates were originally planning on modifying a pattern for a triangular shawl into a rectangular stole, this proved too difficult for the teammates. Problems arose during swatching and tempers flared during the resulting tink session. Neighbors claim that Dusty went into a screaming fit, reportedly yelling, “You can find another pattern or you can find another partner.”

I know I link to Defective Yeti ALL THE TIME, and indeed his is one of the blogs I’ve been reading the longest. But dammit, he just won’t stop cracking me up! From Hooked Up:

When Gmail launched I quickly adopted it as my primary email account, but since then they have larded the joint up with so much AJAX that I was urging friends to print hard copies of messages they had written me and send them via the postal service, as that would often reach me quicker.

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