Authors of Queer Adult Romance Who Are Men / Transmasc

For various reasons, I’m always trying to read more queer romance written by guys and transmasc authors. As a Virgo, this necessitated I make a list. Anytime I make a list of books, I start wondering if it might be helpful to anyone else. So here we are.

Housekeeping first so we’re all on the same page:

  • Apologies if I fucked up anyone’s identity. Let me know via the contact page on my author site and I’ll fix it.
  • I have marked BIPOC authors to make them easy to find, because I am particularly interested in reading their work and I hope others are too.
  • I have also marked those who have gotten trad/large pub deals. It’s a very small list. Hopefully that will improve.
  • Inclusion on this list is not endorsement. Also, please do NOT assume every book by every one of these authors is a romance. Some authors write a mix of genres.

THANK YOU to everyone who has helped me expand and correct this list over time!

Latest adds:

October 2023: M.N. Bennet, Trip Galey, Seth Haddon, Hayden Hall

January-July 2023: Romeo Alexander, Zack Bel, D.T. Brandt, J. Allen Grady, Nando Gray, Sidney Karger, Georgina Kiersten, David Lawrence, Rose Lerner, Ryder O’Malley, Ashish Rastogi, Pauley J Ray, Roan Rosser, K.T. Salvo, Sam Starbuck, St John Starling, Magnus Thorne, M.A. Wardell, Toby Wise, M. Dean Wright

November 2022: Travis Beaudoin, Grayson Bell, Nicholas Bella, S.J. Carter / Sebastian Carter, Farhad J. Dadyburjor, Peter E. Fenton, Robert J. Lewis, Dominic Lim, Zane Menzy, Sebastian Nothwell, Winter Pior, Chip Pons, A.J. Truman, Beau Van Dalen, Timothy Warren, Robert Winter, Jason Wrench

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