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Four People You Should Totally Listen To

On Being Black by Mocha Momma. When this woman talks, I listen. Racist much? at Jiaozi. Go mama go. Running Toward the Gunshots: A Few Words About Joan of Arc at Tiger Beatdown. Damn. Moral Relativism at Wisdom Comes Suddenly. Ouch, laughing too hard.

Out of awesome stuff to read? I can help with that.

A Mountain I’m Willing to Die On at Momastery. Just, wow. And on a totally different note, Fuck Your Noguchi Coffee Table. Boys Need Affection as They Grow at Womanist Musings. Immigration at Drink Lei Down Pass Out. Of Another Fashion: “An alternative archive of the not-quite-hidden but too often ignored fashion histories of U.S. women of color.” 10 Problems… Read more »

Things That Made Me Laugh #5

Schooled By a Seven Year Old at Surrender, Dorothy. Why? at Apt. 11D. The Dangers of Folded Fitted Sheets at clearview. (Scroll down, her content is below the fold.) Allrecipes Reviews at crooked house. A conversation I have every month or so at Venomous Porridge. A Simple Conversation at Here We Go Again. Well, this is just great at The… Read more »

Things That Made Me Laugh #4

What the People (Apparently) Want – Stick Figures Edition at Emotional Umbrella. Dear Pantone at Drivel and Whatnot. In Somewhat Disturbing News, It Appears Google Knows Something We Don’t and the followup In Further News: Google Is Leaving Me Clues. It’s Like ‘Where in the World is Carmen SanDiego’ But Also Not Really At All at April’s Little Family. On… Read more »

Things That Made Me Laugh #3

Cookie Monster at JennySays. Yes, Yes It DOES Work Like That at Chunky Monkey How to Be Considerate on the Internet at Thought Catalog. The title is the entire post, so I will not spoil it: this post at You might not download a car, but me? by Adam P Knave.

Some craft projects I’m loving

A few weeks ago I posted some links to quilts I’ve been admiring. Yes, I am cleaning out my delicious account, how could you tell? But seriously, if I think something is neat or gorgeous or fun, why should I hide it away in my bookmarks instead of sharing it with you. Button wreath ornament at Mainstream? Yes. Cute?… Read more »

Quilts I’m Loving

It hasn’t been quilting time around here for a while, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have dreams of returning to piecing. So for my future use, and possibly for your enjoyment, here are some quilts I’ve been admiring. Fat Quarter Quilt on New Green Mama. These aren’t fabrics that I would pick for my personal taste, but I love… Read more »

You Should Be Reading These Blogs #6

Halala Mama. This is one of the very few mama blogs I read for pleasure and I cherish it so much. It’s funny, real, and it’s about her life with her kid rather than being about her kid. Cinematical. I know, I know, a mainstream movie blog? Hold it right there! There are a TON of amazing women writing about… Read more »

You Should Be Reading These Blogs #5

The Mystery of Girls’ Media. This is the kind of blog I imagined I would pore over for hours when I had a daughter to raise. Once I adjusted my brain to the arrival of my son, I find I’m poring over it anyway, but with a totally different perspective. Give Caitlin some love. angry asian man. News, culture, tons… Read more »

You Should Be Reading These Blogs #4

The Crunk Feminist Collective. Their tagline is “Where Crunk Meets Conscious and Feminism Meets Cool” and is it SO TRUE. If I were to list for you all the amazing pieces of writing I have read over there, I would never finish this post. Get yourself over there. Where’s Lulu? Without this blog, I might never have known about the… Read more »