And second place goes to…

When I was in college at Macalester in St. Paul, we had a game of stringing nouns together to make the funniest combinations we could. Sigrid won with “rolling aardvark heresy.” Rolling, of course, is an adjective, but you see my point.

This spam subject line doesn’t beat that – but it tries awfully hard: “methodic bookseller iberia campfire.”

I was going to shut down my spam-ridden Yahoo account and make a new one, but I’m loath to cut myself off from such entertainment.

2 thoughts on “And second place goes to…

  1. UnwiredBen

    From my not-recently-checked Yahoo! account, one of the spams that wasn’t actually directed to bulk mail had the subject line

    “did you raelly slep with her?”

    and in the about-to-be-emptied Bulk Mail, the ersatz-French


    Is it possible that anyone ever, ever does anything to these but delete them now?

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