Just Askin’

How in god’s name did I end up so blessed that so many people who love me would agree to come to a dance party with a bunch of strangers and not laugh at me (much) for bouncing around the room to some of my favorite music ever while wearing a killer black dress but (oops!) mismatched shoes*?

What chance is there that I can give them all back enough love that they know how much they mean to me?

How do I know so many men who are cool enough that they dance in public, despite their lack of preparation for such an activity due to their gender/cultural heritage as white men?

Why were dead fish a theme in my birthday cards?

What am I going to do with 40 bottles of Shiner plus rum, vodka, champagne, wine, margarita mix, triple sec, and gin?

Has anyone before in the history of the world uttered the sentence “I can’t do the Buddha embrace when she’s talking about scurvy!”?

Why does SportsNight make me cry?

If I am connecting to the Internet just fine, why does the new SP2-dehanced Windows XP insist on reporting that I have limited or no connectivity?

(*Virtually the same pair, from Keds, made one year apart and styled slightly differently – so when I picked them up and stuffed them in my bag, I grabbed the wrong two from the pile of four. I’m lucky it was dark.)

3 thoughts on “Just Askin’

  1. Grace

    I can answer the first one easily enough–you ended up blessed because you are such a blessing yourself. It’s that simple.

    Nobody noticed your shoes. I promise. There was no way anyone could have even been looking at your feet.

    I am so glad you had a good birthday.

  2. B.

    I admit to being one of the culturally challenged white boys, and I admit to dancing in semi-public without aid of chemical intoxication. It has something to do with the fact that moving to music feels much better than trying to stand still. If the story of me falling on my butt while attempting an air guitar solo enteres the repetoire of my friends, I’ve served yet another purpose in life.

    BTW, it was very good to meet more of your extended circle of friends. They are a lovely bunch.

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