5 thoughts on “Interesting Job Title…

  1. The.Ex

    I don’t get your comments sections, when do they decide you can’t add comments anymore? thats no fun.

    I wanted to tell you where I’m at on the political scale, Econ 0.50 and Social -3.79. :)

    Oh, and about the spam, as you know I still use pine to read email (for those that don’t know what that is, its a text-only mail reader. No html, no pictures, nothing. Old school!) I’ve started seeing spam email that has an html section, and the plaintext section says, “Get a capable html e-mailer”. The nerve, eh? Send unsolicited crap at me and then have the gaul to tell me to change my email lifestyle choices so that I can more easily read your garbage? Bah! Just wait until I get spamassassin running and I start teergrubbing the spammers. See http://www.iks-jena.de/mitarb/lutz/usenet/teergrube.en.html for info.

  2. UnwiredBen

    OK, Google tells me that it’s really is “UTopia Digitization Manager”, which makes much more sense in this UTexas-dominated area.

    My favorite job title, used by two of my friends working for different companies (one inspired the other): “Senior Bit Twiddler”.

  3. Eric Tilton

    I work with a guy whose biz card reads “Senior Software Ninja.” Immediately I thought I should get one readi1ng “Senior Software Pirate,” but then realized it might get taken the wrong way.

  4. The Princess

    POINT 1: To UnwiredBen

    Oh, sure Mr. Googling guy, if you’re going to get the *real* information…

    POINT 2: To My Ex

    Darling, not everything is a conspiracy. “They” didn’t do anything. *I* close out old comments so I don’t get so much comment spam.

  5. The.Ex

    See? You perceive the effects of the conspiracy too, even if you don’t accept their true origin! ;)

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