Mix CD Thoughts, 10:12 a.m.

Somewhere in this great big world, isn’t there a boy or girl who will court me by making tantalizing mix CDs with awful-but-sexy songs like “I Wanna Be Your Man” by L.A. Guns and “Butterfly” by Crazy Town – but who will not expect me to drink whiskey and get a bunch of tattoos?

Is that even how you spell whiskey? Is it whisky? The things I don’t know… I am so underqualified for the soundtrack that inspires me. Perhaps at least “FNT” by Semisonic wouldn’t require a radical shift in my lifestyle, except for funkier shoes. I could handle that.

Universe, get with it!

8 thoughts on “Mix CD Thoughts, 10:12 a.m.

  1. rockstar1


    1) Boy or girl? We learn new things about the Princess every day!

    2)Did you say LA GUNS?! Suddenly, a RUSH of memories come screaming back…didn’t they have a song called “Malaria”? My vote, get some good NIN on that soundtrack, mellow it out with a bit of Massive Attack, and end it with Barry White “Can’t Get Enough of Your Love Baby”…with a hidden track by Led Zep…how could you lose?

    3) The universe is nobody’s DJ. She just handles the lightshow, Ma’am.

  2. The Princess

    Yes, L.A. Guns created the groundbreaking musical masterpiece “Malaria.” And as stated on their website, “you can’t deny the lasting power of Guns tracks like Ballad of Jayne, Over The Edge, No Mercy, and even the whimsical timepiece Sex Action.”

    It’s my musical past, and I accept the consequences.

  3. rockstar1

    Hey, no need to call them consequences. I’ve been known to break out my Damn Yankees CD from time to time…

    We’ve all got a CD in our rack that we hope no one ever questions us about. Some of us have several.

  4. Adam

    Usually its spelled whisky. The Irish version is spelled whiskey, though, because its extra special. This is today’s fun fact.

  5. The Princess

    And for the record, rockstar1 must be the last person on the planet to know that I’d take either Mulder or Scully. With so many other things to be picky about, gender just doesn’t make the list.

    Thanks to Adam for the correct spelling of an alcoholic beverage. Very helpful.

  6. rockstar1

    Hey!! I’m limited by what I read…it’s not like these blogs are sorted by sexual preference!! Although, if they were, I’d probably be reading this anyhow.


    Scully. MMMMM….Scuuuuuullllllyyyyy.

  7. The Princess

    Thank you for the flattery, but I can tell you’re just trying to get in line to receive my Tesla’s Greatest Hits album when I get politely killed by the Libertarians this weekend.

  8. rockstar1

    “Love will find a WAAAA-AAAAY

    Talkin’ love is gonna find a way…find it’s WAAA-AAAAY back to you”

    Nope…I’ve already got that one.

    “It’s a showdown, in a no man’s land…for the cowboy, of the modern daaaa-aaaay!!”

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