It’s Got A Bit Of Elevation

So I was all set to condescend to someone who said they were coming up from Dallas to Austin, because Dallas is obviously north. But I thought I would protect myself by looking up the elevations of the two, and it turns out that Austin is officially 38 feet higher than Dallas. Serves me right.

You can look up elevations here, but it may be wrong if your city has risen or fallen since 1987. All you Houstonians are probably out of luck, since your city was built on a swamp.

One thought on “It’s Got A Bit Of Elevation

  1. JPed

    “Up” is a state of mind. By which I mean, Dallas is “downhill” from anywhere (full disclosure, JPed is a former Houstonian (someone from Houston, for those outside the Piney Woods/Gulf Coast vicinity of Texas)). So is Washington DC. And as we all learned, whether in school or at work, shite rolls downhill. And piles up there.

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