Gone But Not Forgotten

This year was very much about getting rid of stuff. I have a very small apartment, and a strong aversion to clutter, so I went on a tear and Freecycled, Goodwilled, Half Priced, Half.com-ed, donated, or otherwise removed a large number of objects from my home.

During the sorting process, I realized I was keeping a number of objects because of the sentimental value attached to them, not because I actually wanted the objects. So I figured out a plan. Digital camera + blog = memory preservation without storage headaches.

My third date with C-Man started at Spider House. I had commented that I had a Mason and Dixon deficit, and he had remarked casually that he thought that could be corrected. It was an awfully heavy book for him to lug around. Unfortunately, I was nowhere near as engaged by Mason and Dixon as I was by Gravity’s Rainbow. I didn’t finish it, and I knew I never would. Begone!

Thomas Pynchon's Mason and Dixon book

Our second item is also of C-Man origin. This is not a reflection on his gift-giving abilities in any way. In fact, I thought it was quite sneaky and good of him to replace my missing issues of Black Orchid and hide them with the others in my bookshelf until Christmas last year. I enjoyed re-reading them, but realized I wouldn’t ever need to read them again. Away with you!

Black Orchid Comic Books

The third memento arrived at my 2004 birthday party. Who knew that when I put “a pony” on the Evite list of things people could bring, someone would follow through? Big thanks to J. for fulfilling my childhood pony wish. This little pony has gone on to bigger and better things.

And finally, Sports Night. So beloved in the beginning, so disappointing in the end. I cherish the memories of watching this show with UnwiredBen, once I took his word for it that it wasn’t actually about sports and I might therefore enjoy it. However, it was time to let go.

Sports Night DVD box set

To all of these gifts I say thank you for the good times, and I hope you enjoy your new homes!

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  1. ae

    Skye, so many gals I know loved Sports Night once they found out that it actually had little to do w/ sports. I agree re: the fizzling out. Too bad.

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