Manga Recommendations for Your Reading List

—-This post was updated and refreshed in October 2018. Happy reading!—-

I started reading manga WAY later than when I started reading Western comics. When I first published this post in 2016, I’d only read a handful of titles. Now in October 2018, I have so many favorites.

So I’m converting this post into an index of manga titles recommended across my blog. It’s organized by blog post, with a link to the post where you can find more info about the titles listed. Or just look them up on your book research site of choice.

Dystopian and Post-Apocalyptic

  • Girls’ Last Tour

Science Fiction – Post #1

  • A Distant Neighborhood

Science Fiction – Post #2

  • Saturn Apartments
  • Planetes
  • Orange

Myth, Literature, and History

  • Vinland Saga
  • Blade of the Immortal

Love and Romance

  • What Did You Eat Yesterday
  • My Love Story
  • Nana

Monsters and Monster-Hunters

  • The Girl from the Other Side

Autobiography and Memoir

  • A Zoo In Winter


  • Master Keaton


  • Nijigahara Holograph

Growing Up

  • Solanin
  • A Silent Voice

Have any other manga recommendations for me? Find something on my list you want to read? Let me know in the comments – and thanks for sharing this post on social media or with friends, so more people can find these great books!

2 thoughts on “Manga Recommendations for Your Reading List

  1. Mai

    YES to A Silent Voice and Azumanga Daioh. I as a fan of A Silent Voice when it was originally a one-shot, and was delighted to find it became a full on series.
    Don’t know if you’ve done a list on this yet, but if you haven’t, I’d love to see a list of the best animal-based comics.

    1. Skye Post author

      There are definitely animal-based comics sprinkled throughout my lists, it might be fun to pull them together and add a few new ones. Thanks for the inspiration!

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