25+ Manga & Manwha Recommendations for Your Reading List

I started reading Japanese manga WAY later than I started reading Western comics. When I first published this post in 2016, I’d only read a handful of titles. Now I have so many favorites! And in the past couple of years, I’ve started finding Korean manwha to love as well.

This index of manga and manwha titles recommended across my blog is organized by blog post, with a link to the post where you can find more info about the titles listed. Or just look them up on your book research site of choice. Manwha titles are marked, since there are only a couple so far.

Science Fiction

  • A Distant Neighborhood
  • Ajin
  • Orange
  • Planetes
  • Saturn Apartments

Dystopian and Post-Apocalyptic

  • Girls’ Last Tour

Zombies and Vampires

  • Call of the Night
  • The Walking Cat


  • Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End
  • Solo Leveling (manwha)

Monsters and Monster-Hunters

  • Asadora
  • Kaiju Girl Caramelise
  • Hellbound (manwha)


  • Lost Lad London
  • Master Keaton


  • Erased
  • House of Five Leaves
  • Nijigahara Holograph

Spies and Secret Agents

  • Spy x Family

Myth, Literature, and History

  • Vinland Saga
  • Blade of the Immortal (cw: extreme violence, including sexual assault)

Autobiography and Memoir

  • A Zoo In Winter

Reminds Me Of Indie Film

  • A Journal of My Father
  • My Broken Mariko

Growing Up

  • A Silent Voice
  • Solanin

Love and Romance

  • My Love Story
  • What Did You Eat Yesterday

Just Plain Fun Fun

  • Happy Kanako’s Killer Life
  • Way of the Househusband

Young Adult Picks

I enjoyed all of these tremendously myself, as an adult.

  • Azumanga Daioh
  • Wandering Son
  • Welcome to the Ballroom

And that’s the list of my favorite manga! So far…