How They Arrived

The only thing I can conclude from reviewing my search logs from all this time is that search engines are really, really bad.

  • vin diesel is a gay scientologist
  • manucurists programs in chicago
  • chocolate apple pie recipe [Granted, I often blog about things I hate.]
  • michelangelo’s david refrigerator magnets [Mine came from Italy, try there.]
  • dogs can’t talk
  • hanna barbera heroines [are awesome.]
  • whiskey whisky correct spelling [Like I would know.]
  • buy a gom jabbar [Dude, it’s not real!]
  • how much did mattel spend to make barbie dvd movie [Does it matter?]
  • how to recycle crystal meth [I salute your eco-consciousness, but…]
  • 32 2345*3 234= 8
  • lizard blog texas princess [Wait, you mean someone got here by searching for this blog? that’s madness!]
  • yeti princess
  • my other girlfriend has 18 charisma [I hope you found my rant on this and it shook some sense into you.]
  • farscape subliminal messages
  • computer burning smell [It’s always bad, I promise.]
  • offspring’s girlfriend lyrics [As above, I hope you found my rant on this.]
  • personal non negotiables [I could do a whole blog on that topic.]

One thought on “How They Arrived

  1. unwiredben

    About the crystal meth… that was another in-joke on my trip. In north Georgia, a whole lot of independent convenience stores were raided for supplying meth labs. They’d have all the off-the-shelf items used to make it co-located, and addicts could buy much-larger-than-usual quantities of this stuff. Yow!

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