Dreams I wish I could stop having

DREAM THE FIRST: I didn’t really graduate from college, and now I have to finish my degree.

Okay, this one is probably my fault. Leave college for a semester, go back but drop a class, leave again, re-enroll with spotty attendance and almost fail a required course at the last minute, leave graduate school after one year, work, go back to graduate school, take two classes pass-fail in the last semester… I can see why this didn’t give my subconscious a lot of confidence. But I have DEGREES. Really! They’re both upstairs in my office! There is no reason on earth why I should have to take courses in Printmaking, French Literature, Calculus, or any other random subject WHICH I HAVE ALREADY PASSED THANK YOU. Done!

DREAM THE SECOND: I forgot to pack and leave for the airport on time, so I was late and missed my plane.

Unlike the school dream above, I have never done this. Not once. The only time I came close to missing a plane except due to airline delays, it was the fault of my foster father who was being skeezy while dropping me off at the airport to go the hell back to my custodial parents. High school, long story, and I seriously doubt this is ever going to happen again. Especially because I have been an adult now for 20 years. Also, why is my missed flight in these fiascos so often to Paris?

DREAM THE THIRD: I married the wrong person. Like, I got distracted and forgot who I liked and had a big wedding to this other person instead. In front of all my family and friends, with the fancy dress, and now I’m either stuck with it or I have to admit what happened but I used up my wedding on this person I shouldn’t have married.

Moral: do not marry the wrong person when you are 21 and get divorced by 23. Apparently it sticks with you.

DREAM THE FOURTH: C-Man and I are trying to decide which city to live in and figure out how to rent an apartment in that city when we don’t have jobs yet.

Um, we live in Austin? For a combined total of 50 years? And we have jobs? And a house? And graduate degrees, so there is no need for me to try living in Minneapolis/St. Paul again or enroll at Georgetown to finally finish a graduate degree in Political Science OH WAIT IT’S THE SAME AS THAT FIRST DREAM!!

2 thoughts on “Dreams I wish I could stop having

  1. fala cedar

    Ack, I feel your weird dream pain! I have a similar college-related dream, except mine is that I have to take a bunch of classes on top of Mt. Kilimanjaro and I just can’t quite make the hike. The dream always ends with me waiting by the mailbox for my report card (did they have report cards in college? I can’t remember! I AM OLD.) I also often dream all of my teeth are falling out, which is extra awesome. Why are our brains evil at night? Don’t they know we’re supposed to be getting some rest?

  2. Skye

    I know they did have report cards in college because when my parents got mine in the mail after the semester where I failed all my classes, it was a bit awkward.

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