Chewbacca speaks English as well as my 5 year old reads it

Boy Detective: I don’t like this book.

Me: What? Why? What’s wrong with it?

Boy Detective: I’m just not interested in it.

Me: You haven’t even had a chance to find out the story.

Boy Detective: But I was looking at it, and Chewbacca, they have him TALKING WITH REGULAR WORDS.

Me: What? Give me that…. Oh. Okay, kiddo, on the first page here? Let me read you what Chewbacca says.

wookiee language word transliterated in English alphabet

Boy Detective: Oh.

(From Star Wars Adventures: Princess Leia And The Royal Ransom, script by Jeremy Barlow, art by Carlo Soriano, colors by Michael Atiyeh, lettering by Michael Heisler. (Just a heads up that my book posts use affiliate links, but check your local library too!) We recommend the whole Star Wars Adventures series. Not to be confused with the Star Wars Clone Wars Adventures series, which we have not yet read.)

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