Allright, People, Let’s Do This NaBloPoMo Thang

I am quite disappointed to see that, the social network site that hosts National Blog Posting Month, hasn’t managed to fix their CAPTCHA problem that discriminates against the blind and other people with disabilities who can’t read those squiggly little letters. So I’m not going to create an official NaBloPoMo account on Whatever features I would enjoy over there, others can’t benefit from them without jumping through extra hoops. I know it’s not much as far as conscientious objecting goes, but it’s my little line in the sand. And I’m going to go another round with in the next week to see if I can bring their attention to this issue once again.

However, I’m not going to let that stop me from posting every day in November, which is the place that NaBloPoMo originally called home before it went monthly.

Last year I made lists. This year I’m trying a less structured format. I’m going to tell you 30 things, one per day. I’m only giving myself four slots for anything related to parenting. The others will be a mixture of everything that made up who I was before I became a mother, because all those things are still there and just as important to me as ever. There are 18 categories on my blog, and only one of them is kids. It’s high time to refresh all the others. No scheduled posts, no backdating. The goal isn’t just to have something new appear on my blog every day. The goal is to write.

Welcome to November.

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