Men Like Babies. Who Knew?

Men like babies.

This had not really sunk in for me until now – despite having experience with fathers of babies who like those babies very much. My own husband, for example.

Our trips to California (for BlogHer) and to Colorado (to hang out with my sister and her three kids for five days) are what opened my eyes. On both of these trips through various airports, I have been amazed at how many men smiled at Boy Detective, played Peekaboo with him over the airplane seats, shared anecdotes about their kids and grandkids at similar ages, and generally acted like they truly enjoyed interacting with small children.

The model of fatherhood I grew up with would not have supported the claim that men like babies. And somehow, despite having observed different models since I’ve been an adult, I’ve been stuck with that model in the back of my head.

So, strangers in airports, thanks for helping clear out some cobwebs for me. All your smiling, waving, peekaboo games, and crumpling of torn magazine pages into toys have strengthened my faith in humanity.

3 thoughts on “Men Like Babies. Who Knew?

  1. The Princess

    OK, Jan, have it your way. Men like babies, unless those men are under five years old and have persecution fantasies.

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