There are only three people living in this house, so I have two questions.

First Question: Where is all this dirty laundry coming from?

Seriously, it’s out of control. One of the people who lives here is only about 40 inches tall, so his clothes are just not that big. I wear only a couple of pairs of jeans a week and a clean shirt every day (I promise.) C-Man has a distressing tendency to wear pants for one day and then throw them in the wash even if they are not actually dirty, but STILL I DO NOT UNDERSTAND HOW ALL THESE LAUNDRY BASKETS FILL UP SO FAST.

If The Dog was wearing clothes you’d think I would have caught her by now.

Second Question: Who is eating all the food?

I cannot comprehend how we can go to the store, spend buckets of money, cram a bunch of stuff into the cabinets, find new and exciting ways of balancing bananas and apples in/around the big plate on the table where we keep that stuff, and then ONE DAY AND FIFTY FIVE MINUTES LATER we are unable to pull together a coherent meal for dinner.

My standards for coherent are pretty low. Mac and peas and waffles? Sure. Risotto and edamame and a smoothie? Sounds fine to me. But when you’re eating saltines with peanut butter and 1/4 cup leftover pasta with parmesan and calling that dinner, that’s a little shaky. Where did all the actual food go?!

7 thoughts on “There are only three people living in this house, so I have two questions.

  1. Token Omnivore

    You obviously have a house full of leprechauns that like to run around in your clothes at night. They must be starving after all that running.

    Sounds like you need to contact a pest control company. The kind that evict friends from your couch that have overstayed their welcome. I think you can find them in the Yellow Pages.

  2. Skye

    See, this is why I love blogs. Someone with a fine analytical mind comes along with solutions to my problems!

  3. Deidre

    I have similar questions regarding ICs socks and undies situation…How many pairs does he have of either variety…and why are so many dirty every week? I mean the man goes through A LOT of socks.

  4. Mrs. Bachelor Girl

    I’m beginning to worry that, when the baby finally (FINALLY) decides to make her appearance, The Guy and I will literally die in an avalanche of laundry. We make so much of it NOW, and we’re only two people! And WE don’t even poop, pee or barf on ourselves!

  5. addy

    See I thought it was just us. I mean I could literally do laundry every single day and never run out. How is that possible – cats snaggin’ socks and undies while we sleep maybe??

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