5 Satisfying Bite-Size Webcomics

Need a quick comics fix? Sometimes a long-running saga just doesn’t fit into the 10 minutes you can wrangle free from work, caregiving, school, etc. Short stories in comic form to the rescue! Here are some of my absolute favorite online short comics, with a variety of topics, styles, and genres.

A short comic about witches and wishes and wanting things by sam (Charmingly Antiquated)

Why I love it: A sweet, soft tale about falling in love, in a gorgeous combination of reds and turquoises. Also see silly silly little comic for something a little lighter that’s just as satisfying. Yay for gal romance!

Haircut by Sara Goetter

Why I love it: Cuteness and girls falling in love! And this one has an undead army, so everyone wins.

Sitter by Gale Galligan

Why I love it: “A magician knitter is asked to petsit her friend’s fire familiar.” Which initially goes about as well as you’d expect, but things work out so nicely! Especially if you’re a pet person, read this.

Wolverine Goes Grocery Shopping by Faith Erin Hicks

Why I love it: This poor man can’t even go to the grocery store without something happening! Life in the X-Men mansion is just so complicated. A short, funny treat for any X-fans out there.

Carrots by Mari Costa

Why I love it: A single dad puts up a traveling adventurer on his couch. Often. So often, one might suspect there are some feelings. And not about carrots. Simple and sweet.

And that’s the list of my favorite short webcomics! Thanks for sharing this post on social media or with friends, so more people can find and enjoy these great comics!