Eight Years

Until today, I would have told you that I post a wedding picture every year on our anniversary, except for the year I was not blogging, and last year when I posted a picture of the inside of our freezer instead… and backdated it.

Today I discovered that I also skipped year two. While doing NaBloPoMo when I had a 10 month old. (Because that made so much sense?)

So really, this can barely be called a tradition.

And yet here it is.

Even though neither of us has remembered to say Happy Anniversary to each other today.

So here’s possibly the best character shot ever taken of us…


And now I’m going to head downstairs and fix that forgetting issue.

I love you, babe. You’re the one for me.

6 thoughts on “Eight Years

  1. Skye

    Thanks everyone! Sadly the “oh hey it’s our anniversary” conversation was about 5 minutes long as I was on my way to bed, it’s been way too busy around here.

  2. Robin

    What a great picture!

    Like you, we’ve forgotten our anniversary quite a few times, and don’t anything special the years we do remember it. But, we love each other to death, and that’s all that counts, right? :)

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