David and the Burrito

Before I left for Houston, there was some strange card-switching between the palm-pilot-with-a-camera that UnwiredBen lent me and my happy new Kodak digital camera. (Not to imply that the palm-pilot-with-a-camera, a.k.a. the Zire, is not happy, but since it’s not a camera, the pictures it takes are not as good.) This card-switching resulted in a bunch of old photos from the Zire being downloaded to my hard drive. I had quite forgotten about them.

So I present to you one of those photos, taken in early 2005, entitled, for obvious reasons, “David and the Burrito”.

photo of michelangelo's david refrigerator magnet with a burrito

That’s a refrigerator magnet that someone brought me back from Italy, in case you’re wondering.