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16+ Lovely Historical Romance Novels

Here’s a roundup of my favorite historical romance novels, novellas, and short stories. Hope you find something to enjoy in the following list. (Disclosure: Amazon links are affiliate links.) I originally posted this list in 2017, but it’s been refreshed and expanded in 2023 after I re-read many of the books here to make sure I was still enthusiastic about… Read more »

16 Romance Novels for Fans of the Paranormal

Do you like your romance with a twist of monsters or magic? This is the list for you. Witches, ghosts, vampires, fae, and even a cat that controls minds (really!) If any of this is your jam, read on, because I enjoyed all of these novels, novellas, and short stories. I hope you find something new to read and adore… Read more »

12 Romance Novels About Dark Places and Tough Topics

Romance is an amazing genre. You can find everything from the fluffiest, cutest, most adorable stories with zero angst to the opposite. The novels, novellas, and short stories here are some of my favorite that deal with dark places, tough topics, and bad situations – all with an HEA (happily ever after) or HFN (happy for now). I hope you… Read more »

8 Romance Novels With Grumpy Characters (Who Need Love Too!)

I adore a good cranky character in a romance, especially if they stay on the cranky side even after falling in love. These books have some of my favorite misanthropes, anti-social pessimists, and suspicious cynics who would NEVER have let this annoying person into their lives if they knew what would happen! Hope you find something that looks good for… Read more »

11 New Adult Romance Novels That Won My Heart

I wouldn’t relive my early 20s for a million dollars, but I apparently love a good new adult romance novel, novella, or short story. Here’s a set of my faves, including several picks with main characters who aren’t in college, since that’s not everyone’s life path. Hope you find something new to check out! (Disclosure: Amazon links are affiliate links.)… Read more »

16 Queer Science Fiction Romances That Made My Geeky Heart Happy

I grew up on reruns of Star Trek, and my resulting love for the genre has never let go. So crossing sci-fi with romance? Perfect. Here’s a list of my fave science fiction romances. Superheroes, robots, machine-human hybrids, alien linguistics, immersive virtual reality, secret agents planning an interstellar heist, post-collapse environments… you can find all this and more in the… Read more »

8 Modern-World Fantasy Romance Novels I’m In Love With

I have a list of fantasy romances that take place in magical worlds, and contemporary paranormal romances where it’s our world but with secret magic… but I also have a sweet spot for fantasy romances where everyone has cell phones but the rules are very different. Or the entire world is. So here’s my list of faves so far! (Disclosure:… Read more »