Why Planet Jinxatron?

Chris Giarrusso is a very talented comic artist and writer. He’s the genuis behind Mini Marvels, a hilarious spoof of characters from the Marvel comics universe, and he has his own creator-owned kid superhero book G-Man. All three of his books have been huge hits in our family starting when Boy Detective was about three years old.

Someone was reading G-Man aloud to Boy Detective and we got to this sequence of panels:

Have I mentioned how much I love a good rant?

So when I was planning this blog, I asked Mr. Giarrusso for permission to name my new blog Planet Jinxatron. He graciously consented.

Buy his books! There’s a free preview on his site at that link if you want to take a look first. Or check them out from your local library. (Unlike what we did, I’d recommend them for elementary age kids since there is some namecalling and sibling conflict.)