What’s hiding in your camera? Time to let it out!

I’ve never been a big photographer. Back in 2011 I took a photography class one morning and started getting a little tiny clue about the rule of thirds, and what some of the options did on my old point and shoot. Then it broke.

Since then I’ve acquired an Android phone with a pretty good camera, contemplated quite a few photography tutorials, and imagined that one day I’d put serious effort into learning more about this stuff so I could be good at it.

But in the meantime I took a bunch of pictures and never showed them to anyone.

Pictures I really liked.

I didn’t figure they were very good technically, or the kind of pictures anybody else would be interested in. (You may have noticed me sneaking a few into various blog posts here and there “to liven them up.” I didn’t think it was worth posting them unless I could hang them on a narrative hook.)

Because apparently blogging for my own enjoyment, and celebrating my own small victories, has become a foreign concept to me?

Silly girl…!

So here’s some of what’s been hiding in my camera.

What’s in yours?

17 thoughts on “What’s hiding in your camera? Time to let it out!

  1. Christy

    Many of these are quite interesting looking-which to me makes for the best looking pictures! In my camera are just a bunch (& I do mean a BUNCH) of random pictures of my daughters. Lol!

  2. Shannon

    I like the light in a lot of these–very nice. My camera is harboring lots of pictures of my dogs. I think I have more dog pictures than I ever had kid pictures.

  3. Skye

    Aimee I have taken baby steps towards playing with filters on Instagram, but I have rarely used Photoshop or equivalent on photos except for some cropping sometimes. That may be in my future, we shall see!

    Emily I think that playground one was cheating, Colorado has such gorgeous skies that it basically did all the work.

    Christy those random pictures of your daughter will be gold when she’s older and you have those memories! Shannon, same goes for your dogs, I wish I had more of ours who is now gone. :)

    Madaline, the Android camera is really good… and I throw away a ton of my pictures that don’t come out well.

    Melissa, thanks, I was stunned at how well that came out! But see above, it was one of about 15-20 of his hands with blocks.

  4. Alli

    So glad you decided to let the pics out! They are all beautiful and I think you are very talented. I really like the one of the ripple in the water. Great work!

  5. Christine

    Your photographs look great. I’d be really scared to see what is on my camera…probably some really bad selfies and a ton of makeup and skincare pictures!

  6. Ricci

    I don’t have a professional camera but I didi find a roll of film (remember those?!) the other day from who knows when!! I’m kind of afraid to have it developed…LOL!! I love your pics!!

  7. Tiffany

    What a great idea! i only recently deleted a bunch of photos from my phone and that was because I ran out of storage! LOL… I am sure I still have a fe mystery photos hiding in there somewhere…

  8. Teresa @ Crafty Wife

    These are great! I got my first DSLR last October and would qualify myself as an amateur photographer. I have so many pictures that I haven’t posted yet just because I don’t have the time to edit them all first! haha

  9. Skye

    Ricci, I can’t imagine how much it costs to develop actual film these days but I’d love to see what’s on that roll.

    Christine, selfies are great, show ’em off! :) And Tiffany, dig through there, you’ll probably find something great!

    Teresa, I hear you, I would probably never post if I edited. I wonder if in a couple of years if I’ll start craving a DSLR like all the cool kids have…? But MJ’s comment made me think of how many photographers say the best camera is the one you have with you, so maybe I’m doing allright with what I have. :)

    Alli, I think my biggest talents are just buying a phone with a good camera, and taking 50 shots so I can throw away 49. :)

  10. Skye

    Mercedes, thank you, you’re sweet! :)

    Reginia, I definitely found a class helpful. I just learn better from talking with real people than any other way.

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