Well, at least he’s learning… something

Boy Detective: And without this layer, everything on top would float away.

Me: Okay yeah, we need that.

Boy Detective: And the atmosphere is the air we breathe.

Me: I like breathing.

Boy Detective: And this is the hydrosphere, without that we couldn’t have canoes.

6 thoughts on “Well, at least he’s learning… something

  1. Patti

    My question to determine I’m not a bot: What shines in the sky at night (plural, please)?

    So now I’m singing: ♫ The stars at night, are big and bright ~clapclapclapclap~ deep in the heart of Texas! ♫

  2. Skye

    Sara and Melissa, I’m still trying to figure out if he’s getting paid by the canoe lobby or something. He’s never even been in one!

    Patti, thanks for letting me know that my evil plan to spread that song is working. Isn’t it our state anthem or something?

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