Well, I’ve heard of the Mayflower

It’s not even light outside yet, and the DJ on KGSR wants people to call and tell him the names of the two groups on the Mayflower. These two groups were essentially fighting all the way across the Atlantic, and finally settled their differences with the Mayflower Compact. I vaguely recall the mention of a compact from my days in school, but I couldn’t have told you any more than that. However, even I knew that some of the suggested answers were dead wrong:

  • The Spanish and the English
  • The Protestants and the Catholics
  • The Puritans and the Quakers
  • The Blacks and the Caucasians
  • The Hatfields and the McCoys

I think people call the radio station before they hear the question and then feel like they have to say something. That last one was funny, though. The correct answer, for those like me who have no clue, is “the saved and the strangers.” Strangers being, presumably, the ones with bad attitudes.

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