Wedding Poll #1

I promised several of my friends that I would get a wedding blog together and allow them to vote on things like bad dresses. After much thought, I realized that we do need a wedding website, but we need it to be family-friendly. So no voting, because I don’t think my grandmother would be happy if she followed a link and ended up looking at Reem Accra dresses.

So the polls will live here. The dress poll isn’t yet ready, but here is the first poll.

Read Worst Wedding Gifts Ever. Then come back here and vote for your favorite by leaving it in the comments. OR you can attempt to one-up these gifts by listing a new one, but only if you have direct personal knowledge of the gift in question. None of this “my sister told me about this guy who went to high school with this girl” stuff.

7 thoughts on “Wedding Poll #1

  1. Januari

    Oh god, the Febreze is awesome! But here’s my story, and I actually only got it today…

    One of my best friend’s moms is a Mary Kay customer of mine. When she placed her order, she also asked me about what a proper engagement gift would be for a party that evening. I suggested a picture frame, photo album, something that had meaning for the couple. I dropped her order by my friend’s house on Saturday, and he was supposed to give it to her that night. I e-mailed today so I could pick up her check, and he asked me to call him. He said that when his partner had talked to his mom on Saturday, she mentioned the order, and also mentioned that she had consulted me about the gift. He took this to mean the product I had dropped off was their gift, since his mom got sick that evening and wasn’t able to come to the party. So that lucky couple got some normal to dry face cleanser and a tube of waterproof black mascara. Nice.

  2. Stepho

    My brother-in-law and his wife got a lips phone – where you pick up the top lip to talk into, and the bottom lip is the cradle. The gifter did not include a card.

  3. Rete

    worst gifts ever… i’m of the opinion wedding gifts should consist of gift cards, because no one ever seems to go by the registry list. I received a white lacy tablecloth… made of plastic. ick. An obviously homemade and completely tacky christmas angel for the top of the tree (trashed immediately) and when I specified in at least 3 different places on the registry that we wanted black towels? Hot pink!

  4. Faith Ann

    Hmmm, I guess that means I have to return the bottle with vegetables in vinegar. Does that idea also include make-your-own “cookies in a jar” and “bread in a beer bottle”?

    I don’t really know of any horrendous gifts, but there is a friend of mine who got married a couple of years ago. All of us faithfully followed her registry, and she got 6 sets of everyday dishes and about 10 towel sets. Apparently some stores are not as good as others at updating the lists! Fortunately, the store in question exchanged the excess for a DVD player. :o)

  5. Erika

    I enjoyed reading of the “empty gift card” – but must say we were pretty lucky for wedding gifts. I did, however, get a “lovely” shower gift. A friend of my mom’s re-gifted a wooden frame with a poem in it. The poem was written for her, by a friend of hers, and given to her the previous Christmas. I know this because it said so on the back of the frame. The best part – the original giver was also at the shower!!! :)

  6. Kate Zarvis

    If I ever get married, I’d love a lips phone.

    My vote goes to the Bill Clinton potholder.

    BTW, Skye, if you think I’m spending $100 on your gift, you’re out of your mind.

  7. Grace

    My mom and stepdad received a ceramic man pulling down his pants plant pot, complete with cactus where his penis would be. Classy.

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