Wedding Favors I Don’t Understand

I’m not saying this to insult anyone, but I don’t understand the practice of giving wedding guests seeds or trees as favors.

Are there really flowers or trees that grow properly in all regions of the U.S.? What if your guests are from all over? Especially since this stuff is usually marketed as a “green” choice. How green is it to give non-adapted plants to your friends and family?

Does everyone who comes to these weddings have a yard that can fit an additional tree just because someone gave it to them at a wedding? Heck, does everyone at those weddings even have a yard?

My incomprehension does not apply to paper invitations that you can plant. With those, one has the choice of keeping the invite to treasure or planting it if one has space available and one is interested in growing flowers.

3 thoughts on “Wedding Favors I Don’t Understand

  1. Carrie

    Flowers, sure. Stick ’em in a pot and keep ’em indoors, where you can control their environment and they will help the air stay fresh and oxygenated.

    But trees, not so much. That’s just baffling. If one is that enamored of trees, one could simply donate money to TreePeople, the National Arbor Day Foundation, American Forests, or a similar organization, and then give each guest a recyled/able note saying you’ve planted a tree in her honor. That would be cool.

  2. The Princess

    Yes, you can stick them indoors to control their environment, and they will most likely keel over dead anyway because that what indoor plants love to do! :)

  3. JPed

    Despite all efforts to the contrary, plants die in our house. Perhaps because efforts now occur 10 weeks apart. At least outside the little green buggers have a fighting chance… if they can face the Wisconsin winter.

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