4 thoughts on “Wanted: The Poster

  1. Eric Grant

    I still would have liked to have seen Halle Berry and Eminem (sp? * 2) in the lead roles, exactly like they had them in the comic book.

    But then, I would have liked keeping the costumes, too.

  2. Jules Van Oosterom

    I don’t have the book in front of me, but I recall that the Fox was clearly based on the likeness of a particular actress, to the extent that she probably got paid for the appearance. Why not her?

  3. Kirk Boxleitner, a.k.a. K-Box

    I find myself in a quandry here.

    The comic book was shit.

    And yet, the movie also looks to be shit, but for completely different reasons than the comic book.

    The movie is probably going to suck because of all the changes they’ve made from the comic book, and yet, if they hadn’t changed anything, it would have been just as bad, just in a different way.

    We’ve entered “Divide by Zero” territory here.

  4. SunlessNick

    I’m fine with Halle Berry. The othe rname that came into my head was Jada Pinkett Smith.

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