So I Was Waiting At The Bus Stop Last Week

…and a car drove by. That’s not unusual on Burnet Road.

The unusual part was the slogan on the car: “Do you have Donkey Bread?”

I had to admit this answer was no.

And if this is a marketing strategy designed to get people to their website, it works. I had go to and see what Donkey Bread was. I encourage you to do the same, not because the baking mix itself is fascinating, but because I would love to hear your thoughts about why anyone would market baking products like this. Is there really such a market for “just add beer” baking mix?

They are also conducting a Model Search, so if you want to be the Donkey Bread Girl, make sure you get in touch with them.

4 thoughts on “So I Was Waiting At The Bus Stop Last Week

  1. unwiredben

    Why be a Donky Bread girl when you could work at the Tilted Kilt ( )? I got a flyer for their grand opening in Round Rock in the mail last week, and after finally looking at their website, I think we should find many ways to ridicule it. Referring to it as McHooters is just the start.

  2. Glenn Meter

    As someone who likes fresh bread but doesn’t have the time to make it “right” and thinks that there’s something unreal about the loaves that come out of automatic breadmakers, a good, fast bread mix sounds like something I might try. Gotta do something with the beer left over from my parties.

    But the name “Donkey Bread” on a shelf certainly isn’t going to make me want to stop and try it out.

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