Upside, Downside

Like Upstairs Downstairs, except not a British television show.

Eating Dinner Out of a Measuring Cup (4C, Pyrex)

Upside: Know exactly how much macaroni and cheese was consumed (2C).

Downside: Makes it difficult to maintain pretense that hiding dirty dishes in non-functional dishwasher is elegant solution, no matter what B. said on the phone last night.

Using Ice Cream Scoop to Remove Macaroni and Cheese From Cooking Pot

Upside: Fun.

Downside: See Above.

Dating Humans (of Either Gender)

Upside: Fun, mostly. Kissing and stuff.

Downside: They suck, and I whine about it constantly to my friends, thus alienating them. Plus, expensive to eat out this much.



Downside: None. Nada. Unless there is a product identical to ITunes that reports out statistics like “Artist With Most Songs Marked With Five Stars.” ‘Cause I thought it would be Soul Coughing, but now I’m not sure, and I don’t want to count by hand. I want ITunes crossbred with SAS.