Two More Quilts: Almost Done!

Yesterday I did get off the computer as promised and work on a quilt. Though it did not have the mood-lifting properties I was hoping for, I got a lot done.

This will become one of the two quilts for Jped’s twin girls:

I’m still deciding whether this blue is a good border (it’s brighter in reality than in the picture). It sort of jangles me to add a blue border to a red, yellow, and cream quilt, but adding a red or yellow border looked like overkill. We shall see.

This is the quilt that I was trying to complement, which I got up on the wall in March:

One thought on “Two More Quilts: Almost Done!

  1. JPed

    Wow! Cool! Those look great! If I might suggest, we would say that Sunniva gets the “red one” and Anna-Sofia gets the “green and blue one”, just because they tend to look better with those colors. You’re the best!

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