Two Personal Care Products I Love

Dr. Bronner’s Baby Mild Liquid Soap. (I could use the peppermint instead, if I wanted to feel my soap in my eyes before I even get it in my eyes.) We like it for all the hippie reasons you would expect, like organic and fair trade and no animal testing, plus the religious ranting on the label is fun to read. We also like this soap because we can do the following:

  • Special order it from Wheatsville Co-Op in a 1 gallon bottle so we can just refill our smaller bottles – and promptly get into an argument about the cost savings because C-Man insists we will inevitably spill some while refilling and this will likely negate ALL cost savings associated with the purchase.
  • Spill some the first time we refill our smaller bottles. (Okay, OKAY it was ME. He was still wrong.)
  • Use it to refill the containers that used to hold pump soap too, even though it specifically says on the bottle that it should not be used for this, and then continue to do it for years even though the soap plugs up the pump until you REALLY press down hard at which point it shoots out in unpredictable directions. This keeps us from feeling too smug about our years of graduate education.

Arm & Hammer Essentials Natural Deodorant, Unscented. I bought this for C-Man at the grocery store one day. I was actually trying to buy a different Arm & Hammer deodorant, one that I knew worked – because really, do any of the hippie deodorants do anything? – but there is some kind of rule at grocery stores that they will only carry one kind of Arm & Hammer deodorant at any one time. That day, it was this kind. The next morning, I realized that the grocery store gods had been smiling upon me.

You see, my husband is so lazy that he puts his deodorant back on the counter upside down. When a stick of deodorant starts to run out, the top-heaviness makes it more likely to fall over unless you take the microsecond necessary to put it down flat on its base. Since thinking about whether or not it is top heavy at the time you put it down would take additional effort, he skips that step and always puts it down upside down.

I can’t f*&ing stand that.

Arm & Hammer Essentials Natural Deodorant, Unscented, has a domed lid.


3 thoughts on “Two Personal Care Products I Love

  1. Kelly

    1. Yes, he is wrong. HE is almost always wrong. The only time he’s ever NOT wrong is when YOU decide he’s not wrong. Such is the economy of marriage.

    2. Arm & Hammer: Promoting Marital Bliss Via Domed Deodorant Lids Since…well, since they started making domed deodorant lids.

    And you’re totally right; I’m convinced that if any hippie deodorant actually works, it’s through the Placebo Effect ONLY.

    Love Dr. Bronner’s so much! Didn’t know you weren’t supposed to put it in pumps. Explains a lot. Duly noted.

  2. Jennae @ Green & Gorgeous

    I sooo agree with Kelly about the fact that he’s wrong. Because when isn’t he, right? lol

    And I was actually going to make the same suggestion that Grace did about the pump bottles. We use Dr. Bronner’s for hand soap as well, but we dilute it quite a bit when putting it in the pump bottle. Think 1 part Dr. Bronner’s to about 6-8 parts water. That stuff is really potent, so it still works, and and it stops us from having to wet our hands before we soap up.

    And we actually switched to the Almond Dr. Bronner’s because the Peppermint was too harsh to use on my toddler. It still has a great fragrance that always makes me step out of the shower feeling a lot better, but without the harsh burn to your eyes and your…umm…sensitive areas :)

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