Total Information MANAGEMENT Would Be Better, Possibly

So now Bush “looks forward” to meeting with the 9/11 Commission:

“Make no mistake about it; if we had known that the enemy was going to fly airplanes into our buildings, we would have done everything in our power to stop it,” Bush said.

Isn’t the real question why he didn’t know about the attacks? Or why the administration neglected the terrorism thing and then stomped all over Iraq even though it wasn’t involved? I haven’t heard any suggestion that Bush had a file marked “Terrorist Attack on September 11th: Plans and Options for Response” that he ignored in favor of a nice golf game.

It feels similar to the Total Information Awareness initiative – when was it decided that the feds just didn’t have enough information to prevent the attacks? They had staff writing about this bunch of guys enrolled in flight schools who didn’t want to learn about landing, and no one was listening. It wasn’t a lack of information, it was a lack of managing the information they already had. So now they need extra powers to get more?

Seriously, Bush’s statement is like a packrat saying that he would have told his wife an exact count of the number of items in his house if he had that number available, when the real question is why he has so much stuff that his wife got trapped in the kitchen because of an avalanche of comic books and old PC Gamer magazines.

The Total Information Awareness thing is like a packrat saying he just needs more stuff and there will be more space in the house.

3 thoughts on “Total Information MANAGEMENT Would Be Better, Possibly

  1. Aaron

    Getting more stuff won’t mean there’s more space in the house? That logic makes no sense!

    If that were true then huge deficits wouldn’t actually be the cure for excessive government spending.

  2. Aaron

    On a more serious note, this seems to be pretty standard for the current administration. They aren’t interested in answering the real question, they want to answer a question that makes them look better.

    Sadly they recent information coming out of the 9/11 commission is making it sound an awful lot like there were memos like that minus the date that he did ignore so he could take a nice long vacation in Texas.

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