My Top 8 Reasons Why I Am Not Commenting On Your Blog

When bloggers don’t get comments or don’t get as many comments as they would enjoy having, they often think they’re doing something wrong. I’ve been wondering lately, for blogs I enjoy but don’t comment on, what my reasons are for that behavior. This is what I came up with.

If you have found yourself in the situation of wanting more comments, you might find it interesting to note how few of these reasons have anything to do with the blog itself, and how many of them are all about me.

  • I meant to, and I even bookmarked that post, but then I forgot, and when I found it again, it was two months later and that just seems silly.
  • I can’t figure out a way to comment that doesn’t sound like I’m just hijacking your blog to talk about myself.
  • I can’t figure out anything else to say but “Good post!” and that’s really boring.
  • I enjoy reading your blog, but I know NOTHING about the topic you’re writing about compared to you, and I’m afraid to sound like an idiot.
  • I ran across one of your posts somehow, and it was cool, but I don’t want to comment because I just can’t read any more blogs on an ongoing basis, and I don’t want you to think I’m reading your blog on an ongoing basis and then be disappointed when you later (somehow magically) find out otherwise.
  • Your post already has a ton of comments, so it seems redundant.
  • Your blog has very few comments, and everyone who comments seems to know you in real life, so I feel awkward, as if I might be intruding.
  • I don’t want to create a login just to register on your blog. I already have Blogger, LiveJournal,, TypePad, and probably some other logins, and I’m done making more.

For the record, I have also decided that commenting on other people’s blogs (even if I can’t read them all the time) is one of my biggest pick me ups, so I’m going to work on not letting these things get in the way. So if you’re reading my blog, I want to head over to your blog – because we all have good posts, and I would love to read yours and at least say “Good post!” even if I can’t think of anything more creative or substantial. Tell me where your blog is in the comments, okay?

7 thoughts on “My Top 8 Reasons Why I Am Not Commenting On Your Blog

  1. Deidre

    I was thinking about this too – The main reason I don’t leave a comment is a. if i don’t feel like the bloggy love will be reciprocated, which is lame, I know, I need to get over that! or b. I read blogs in the wee hours of the morning and its cold and I can’t motivate to get my arms out of the blankets.

    anydoodle, I LIKE IT when people comment and leave stuff about themselves. That’s how people get to know each other and form a blogging community. Which I think is important.

    I just wrote a post about men and hair. haha. But don’t feel obligated to comment :)

  2. A

    What if my post isn’t good? I am writing less and less with any understanding of what my stuff sounds like, and more just to get words out of my frozen brain. I remember when I used to toy with the turn of a phrase!

  3. Kerrie

    Hee. I’ve thought all of these things before…and totally agree. You’ve commented on mine before…But don’t ever want you to feel awkward leaving a comment – b/c I would totally be in the category of “not many comments left”…But will always appreciate a “Good Post”! :)

  4. BellyGirl

    I thought for sure when I read this post on my reader that you’d have tons and tons of comments – you’re such a clever writer. You must have lots of lurkers :)

    In my blog, I mostly whine about being pregnant. Thrilling, thrilling stuff. If you feel like whining, please feel free to visit.

  5. Kim

    I have been really wondering about comments ever since BlogHer! It’s a mystery to me how some people get/keep up with so many comments. And then a further mystery how other people don’t get comments, when it seems like they should have a million.

    Either way, I have felt most of those things myself. I try very hard to get out there and comment. Of course right now I can’t even find time to write about the awesome stuff happening in my life, so commenting will have to happen … at some point later! Well, except this one since I saved the tab. :)

  6. Gelareh @ Orange Truffle

    I am glad that I found this post before I sent you an email or wrote a comment that said… “I have started a blog, but I am rarely getting any comments… how can I increase traffic in my blog” I hope I do have some lurkers out there.

    I also wanted to ask you how you because the organizer for the blogger meetings in Austin!? I looked on and it seems like there is no such group/gathering in Houston :(

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