It took me 36 years to learn these two things

1. My mood is not an accurate indicator of the state of my life. I can be perfectly fine right now, and miserably stressed 30 minutes later, and nothing much at all has changed in objective reality. In fact, I might even have crossed several things off the to-do list, which should make me feel better. I am forced to conclude that my emotional state is a crummy barometer for whether reality is or is not okay. Following that, it’s probably not wise to make any decisions based on the “everything is going to hell aaahhhhhhh!!!!” feeling. I should go have a banana instead. That’s almost never a bad idea.

2. Pasta is not a quick meal. If I want pasta for dinner, I need to start at least 30 minutes ahead of time. Otherwise, we will decide when the pasta is done based on how hungry we are, not based on the actual condition of the pasta. That rarely ends well.

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