Today’s Linky Love

The problem with my shiny new RSS reader: it’s too easy for me to find fabulous posts that I want to share.

A commenter on Formica suggested this: “…maybe we should call for large marriages where het and lesbian and gay couples get married enmasse. To show that no one’s nuptials will be harmed by being in the presence of same sex couples showing and formalizing their love for each other.”

Josh Marshall examined the logic of not letting gays marry because of AIDS and proposed a more rational solution.

Merlin made another great list at 5ives.

A boy and his computer has a list of the Top 12 reasons Homosexual Marriage Should not be Legal.

Idle Type linked to a fabulous e-mail exchange between Dean Cameron and a Nigerian scammer. I need to find out more about who Dean Cameron is, obviously.

Kieran Healy made an insightful comment about our President that made me feel better about the whole thing for at least a minute.

Tbogg contributed to society by brainstorming new slogans for the Bush Administration.

And finally, Pacific Views showed me my favorite sign ever.

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