Today’s Emotions: Fear, Triumph, Curiosity

Fear was all from The Dog. A fly came into the apartment, and she hid in the bedroom because flies mean I’m going to roll up a magazine and try to swat them. That makes a loud noise, so it’s scary.

I can’t tell you the reasoning behind hiding from the plastic bag of frozen hash browns, though.

Triumph was mastering a new survival skill. Today, for the first time in my entire 28 years of life, I drove a car up to a drive-through window. The owner of the car* wanted a cherry limeade, and we were in a mall parking lot that had a Sonic. I got to be the one that ordered and handed in the money. It was fantastic. I’m such a good American.

(*I don’t yet have a driver’s license, so The Man says I have to have someone with me when I drive. Bah.)

Curiosity came in two guises:

First, what would George Bush and the Vatican folks be like if there had never been any religion? Are they intrinsically hateful of people who are different and this is just a crutch, or do they oppress gay people just because the Church tells them it’s dirty?

Second, if we’re going to privatize the national park system, why don’t we also go ahead and, well, privatize major corporations? Eliminate their tax breaks, subsidies, exemptions, etc.

Just a thought. Now I must go consume more Bollywood products.