My thrift shopping isn’t about saving money

Sure, it’s nice to pay $8 for an Ann Taylor suit jacket, but that’s not the main goal for me.

I thrift shop INSTEAD of regular shopping because by doing so, I reduce the amount of garbage in landfills, reduce the need for raw materials to be used in manufacturing, and support job training programs for people with disabilities and barriers to employment (among other causes).

Just so we’re all clear on that.

Except that the people who need to be clear on that don’t read this blog, so they will probably keep enthusing about discount stores to me as if I am a fellow bargain hunter, specifically citing my love for Goodwill as evidence of my kinship.

Ah well.

3 thoughts on “My thrift shopping isn’t about saving money

  1. threeundertwo

    I hear you, but then you’re preaching to the choir here.

    When my daughter needed a black skirt just for a school concert, we ran in a thrift store and grabbed one. It was Ann Taylor, but I didn’t even see the label until we got home. I think we spent about $5 for it. I just couldn’t see going to a department store for something she’s only going to wear once or twice.

    I like your tag “ethical consumption.” That’s a good thing to teach kids.

  2. calimama

    I too love the tag.

    I just yesterday had to remind my father-in-law of this very issue. He didn’t understand why we wouldn’t be interested in Burlington Coat Factory and their great prices if we are headed to the thrift store anyway.

    I’d love to blog about this myself but he might read it and get upset. He’s sensitive. Clueless, but sensitive. Not that I think he reads my blog anyway!

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