I think my boy just won the geek competition

Item of Proof #1

A “conversation” overheard between C-Man (31) and Boy Detective (11 mos.):

C-Man: Which direction do you go?

Boy Detective: North. (pause) Dad, that’s not north.

C-Man: Sorry. You approach a strange metal basin with a sponge, a fork, and a faucet. What do you do? (pause) Oh, you drop the shirt? OK, the shirt is on the ground. What do you do?

Yes, he’s pretending they’re in a text-based computer game circa the 1970s.

Item of Proof #2

The Japanese arcade cabinet that is currently immobilizing my guest room. You knew there was a trade-off made for me going to BlogHer, right?

Item of Proof #3

He is going to Dallas on Saturday for the World Cyber Games regional Virtua Fighter tournament. As an invited player. OK, an alternate. But still. What a geek.

I swear, none of this had gotten so out of hand when I met him.

7 thoughts on “I think my boy just won the geek competition

  1. unwiredben

    I fully support getting Boy Detective familiar with text adventures. He’s got to be prepared; you never know when he might be eaten by a grue.

  2. Bonnie

    Does this mean you guys will be in DFW this weekend?? If so, would you like to have lunch or dinner or some other form of meal or drink with us?

  3. The Princess

    Bonnie, alas, I am sending C-Man by himself and Boy Detective is not yet old enough to compete, so I remain in Austin.

    Bloggess, you are correct, although in my case the boxes contained video game systems.

    Lorri, so was my ex-husband, but there’s a reason he’s my ex-husband.

  4. Si

    Yeh, mine has a truck full of tools and wouldn’t know a text based virtual reality if it slapped him. You win, I think.

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