I Think She is the Biggest Geek EVER

Mimi Smartypants wins:

Yesterday she had a paperback copy of Existentialism and Human Emotions clutched in her grubby little fist, and she shrieked bloody murder when I tried to get her to release the Sartre.* In fact she would not relinquish it for any reason whatsoever, so it went in the crib with her for a nap. My baby’s existence so totally precedes her essence.

*Oh man it would be so funny** if Clash of the Titans was reworked to be all about philosophers/phenomenologists. “Husserl! Release the Sartre!”

Read her now.

3 thoughts on “I Think She is the Biggest Geek EVER

  1. betsy

    for some reason, i am unable to comment on the dogs post, but i am able to comment here. hmm.

    anyhow. if i didn’t have dogs, the words “no, sweetie, it’s *my* job to eat the intruders” would never have passed my lips.

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