6 thoughts on “Things I Say A Lot Now That My Three Year Old Repeats What I Say

  1. Miz_Jen

    I revert to “Jeezum Crow,” “Confound it,” and “Phooey!”

    Yes, when I work with children I turn into Yosemite Sam. Who knew?

  2. angelina

    I have surprised myself by saying “Holy Mackerel” too. Where the hell does that even come from? I don’t mind it so much.

    I hate it when people say “fudge” instead of “fuck”.

    “Rats!” is awesome, I should say that one more.

    Max told me that if he couldn’t say it, I couldn’t say it. Damn him!

  3. Karen Bannan

    I wrote a whole post about my crap problem. I say it, the two year old repeats it. Sigh.

    I say OMG alot. And are you joking me? Little Girl usually tells me that no, she is not joking me. Sigh again.


  4. Laura Fingerson

    I love it when my 5-year-olds say, “Goodness Gracious!” in sincere exclamation. John thinks they sound like 80-year-old women. I think they sound much better than the alternative.

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