Things that are NOT FAIR

Boy Detective has been waiting ONE HUNDRED YEARS to go out on the balcony AND STILL NO ONE IS LETTING HIM GO OUT THERE.

Boy Detective does not like French toast, so he’s having a grilled cheese sandwich for dinner instead, but he REALLY WANTS POWDERED SUGAR and HE DIDN’T GET ANY.

Boy Detective only has TWO SHELVES in the big bookcases while his mom and dad have FIVE and when he gets more books he is going to PUT THEM ON ALL THOSE EMPTY SHELVES.

(Just so y’all know what a bad person I am.)

6 thoughts on “Things that are NOT FAIR

  1. Deidre

    Really? Grilled cheese and powdered sugar? ew indeed.

    Well, that really only means that you guys have individual have .5 a shelf more than him.

  2. Skye

    I know, right? Thank goodness he only has a few weeks of it, as I’m sure being four is totally different and way easier.

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