5 thoughts on “Things For Which My Life Is Too Short

  1. Bachelor Girl

    Ah, you’re a smart girl. I have confidence you’ll get there someday, just as I have confidence *I* will get there someday! :)

    When I attended Photoshop World in Boston this spring, they automatically signed me up for Photoshop User magazine, and it’s enormously helpful.

  2. Kim

    I have given up on it. Sometimes I read tutorials for Gimp (the free program that approximates PS) written by 13 year olds who have more proficiency with the program than I ever have, but mostly I just give up.

  3. S. Le

    Mine is:

    1. Wanting to write a novel

    2. Getting said novel published

    3. Actually having written this novel which I wish to publish.

    4. Having the time and enough inspiration to write the supposed novel

    5. Finishing this bloody list!

  4. Lorri

    If you have Photoshop things you need done – I would be happy to do them for you! 5 years at Harcourt and all I know is how to use Photoshop and Illustrator well! :-)

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