MORE things we don’t need to buy ever again

Back in May I had identified three things that we absolutely, positively, never need to buy again. I’ve stuck to my guns and no more of these items have been accepted into my home. Obviously making a public declaration works well for controlling these kinds of things.

So, when I had a minor freakout last week and had to clean out certain kitchen cabinets RIGHT NOW, and found MORE items that we absolutely, no really I mean it, I will shoot someone if they bring more into my house, don’t need any more of, I figured another public declaration should be part of the control strategy.

Additions to the collections of the following items are hereby non grata in my home.

Mason jars. We don’t preserve any food. Really.

Balloons. I can barely blow one up anyway, something about breathing test doesn’t look normal, blah blah, steroid inhaler, blah blah… And we have multiple open bags of balloons. I believe there is one balloon missing from each package.

Birthday candles. If you know anyone who is 101 + Buzz Lightyear years old, we’ve got it covered.

10 thoughts on “MORE things we don’t need to buy ever again

  1. Patti

    Don’t get me started on Mason jars. ~ugh~ At the moment I am plotting to fill ALL THE JARS with hold ay treats and give them to my neighbors. My fear is they will then think I LOVE all things jarry and reciprocate.

    ~the horror~

  2. Kim

    Ha! I have the Woody that goes with your Buzz. Also, I swear at the box of unused mason jars that gets in my way everyday putting a pot or pan away.

    Great post, totally made me laugh (and plot the death of my mason jars).

  3. Melissa Swedoski

    This one made me laugh because we never have any candles in our house. For my sister’s birthday, my dad had to go to the neighbor’s house and ask to borrow some. We did manage to buy one pack, but I’m not sure there’s any left!

  4. Skye

    Okay, the lesson I am learning from all of you is that I should post about these things BEFORE I give them to Goodwill…

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